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The City of Calgary has been undergoing a re-vamp called "Transforming Planning". The goal is to make all planning info more accessible online and in easy to understand language/ formats.  The project is still undergoing some work but there is a lot already up at the following link....

City of Calgary all things planning

Click here to see what Land Use Proposals are active in Bridgeland/Riverside right now - by clicking on a specific development you can send direct feedback to the file manager at the City.

Calgary Planning and Development Map

Click here to read our Area Re-development Plan

 Bridgeland Riverside ARP

 Click here to read the City’s Municipal Development Plan

 Municipal Development Plan

 Click here to learn about the Mainstreets Initiative on 1stAve and Edmonton Trail

Developed Areas Guidebook

Click here to learn about the new best practices guide for development in established areas

Location Criteria for Multi-residential Infill 

Click here to see the criteria that the City uses to guide where to locate multi-residential infills

Low Density Housing Guidelines for Established Communities

Click here to learn about City policy guidelines and best practices for low density infills

City of Calgary - Main Street 

 Click here to read the Good Neighbour Guide

Good Neighbour Guidebook 

Click here to find resources on Planning and Development from the City

City of Calgary Planning and Development

 Click here to read the Land Use Bylaws

Calgary Land Use Bylaw

Expectations of Builders/ Construction - tree protection bylaw, community standards bylaw, protection of adjacent buildings, etc.

Construction Site Resources

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