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VOLUNTEERS:  CLICK THIS LINK to go to the Online Volunteer sign up page to sign up and/or view current volunteer opportunities

REFEREES:  CLICK HERE to sign up as a referee.

PARENTS:  CLICK HERE to go to your team website!  Select your childs team to be directed to the team site where you can find updates, notices, and schedules as applicable to your team.



START OF SEASON:  Due to the weather, the start of the soccer season has been be delayed until early May.  Thursday May 3 will be the first night for soccer for U8/U10/U12, and U4/U6 will begin the week of May 7th.  Please expect an email from your Coach/Manager.


PHOTO NIGHTS:  June 5 and June 6 will be our photo nights.  A schedule will be available for your team soon.  Your manager will update you!


END OF SEASON:  The last games/practices will take place the week of June 18 to June 22.


WIND-UP PARTY:  The wind-up party will take place on Monday June 25 at the BRCA Hall.  Details will follow once the season begins.




Murdoch Park fields at Centre Ave & 9th Street NE will be used for the 2018 Soccer season. 


On Tuesday or Thursdays (U8 – U12), Soccer MAY take place at Delta West Academy 2nd Ave and 11A St NE (as well as various away fields for away games).

You will be informed of the field assignments by your coach in April.




The overall success of any BRCA event or program depends upon our volunteers. When registering in Children’s Outdoor Soccer, a volunteer deposit cheque MAY be expected before the first soccer practice.  All families will be expected to volunteer in ANY BRCA program or event for a minimum of 5 hours per family. The volunteer deposit cheque will be returned to those who fulfill their volunteer commitment.

There are many volunteer positions and your contribution can be directly related to your child’s soccer team, the soccer program or other BRCA events throughout the year. You will be contacted by the BRCA Volunteer coordinator or soccer coordinator with opportunities to volunteer for soccer duties or for a non-sports related event.

If someone is unwilling or unable to volunteer for the 5 hours, they can choose to pay a volunteer fee in order to "opt out" of the volunteer obligation.


Parent Volunteer Responsibilities:

As a parent/guardian of a soccer registrant:

1)   I am expected to volunteer for the BRCA in any program for a minimum of 5 hours unless I pay the Volunteer Fee to opt out.
2)   If I do not pay the volunteer opt out fee, I MAY be expected to provide a POST-DATED cheque before the first soccer practice, and if I do not fulfill my volunteer obligation this cheque will be cashed.
3) I may still be asked to help with Team Related tasks that are not part of the "5 hour minimum".  This does not include jobs like coaching, managing, Uniform handing out, equipment volunteers, photo night or community related jobs, but may include team things like snack rotation, setting up nets and equipment, helping coaches as required, etc.
4)   A list of soccer volunteer opportunities will be available online once the season begins, and I will also be contacted by the volunteer coordinator with non-soccer related volunteer opportunities.   It is my responsibility to ensure that I meet my volunteer obligation.  If I do not, my volunteer cheque will be cashed.


**Please note, opt out fees and volunteer cheque fee will be determined PRIOR TO the start of the soccer season.  The policy remains in effect.


For more information about volunteer opportunities in BRCA please contact the volunteer coordinator at




Are you a soccer referee?  Are you interested in becoming a soccer referee?


Please email the soccer coordinator at to get your name on our referee list or to find out how to learn more about becoming a referee!!


We will require referee’s for U10 and U12 games every week in May and June, as well as some special occasions like make-up games, pre-season games or tournaments.

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