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    I am a resident who walks in the community a lot. I have a concern with non-Bridgelandians parking in spots around Bridgeland, then walking into the core to work. There are quite a few unmarked spots where there are 1 or 2 spaces, or in some cases, a block. More specifically, 2 spots at corner of McDougall Road and 6A Street NE, an entire 1/2 a block at corner of 6 Street NE and Meredith Road NE, 4 or 5 spaces in front of Calvary Grace Church at 1 Ave NE and 6A Street NE (which is deplorable, what if the church needed the space for a funeral or something?). Also the entire block between 5 Ave NE and 6A Street NE and 7 Street NE is CONSTANTLY plugged with vehicles during the workday who park and then ride bikes, walk, or grab a car2go (then when they come back, leave the car2gos stranded there). There are also spots on the west side of Edmonton Trail that exist as well. These people zoom up, park and saunter off like it’s their right to cut through our neighborhood, cause traffic congestion (speeding down 1st Avenue to cut through, a speeder even ran the neighbor’s cat over last year at the bubble crosswalk, they don’t care at all), never use the shops and get free parking so they can work downtown and save money. It may be legally okay to park in these spots, but it’s certainly ethically wrong.

    In my opinion, ALL parking in Bridgeland should be at a minimum Mon-Fri 2 hour parking to stop this nonsense. My question is: do I start addressing this issue with the BRCA Planning Committee or should I go directly to the Calgary Parking Authority to get this rectified?

    Thank you,
    Linda Bank
    226 8A Street NE

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    Family members live in Bridgeland-Riverside. They are more than one adult (and kids) who live in the same household. They can participate in BRCA programs, can vote at the Annual General Meeting, and run for Board positions. 

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