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Our Vision

The Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association facilitates involvement and opportunities that attract, connect and sustain a diverse network of people and businesses to improve our collective quality of life.

Our Mission

The BRCA’s mission is to foster the vision for Bridgeland-Riverside by serving and engaging residents and other stakeholders of our community through:

  • Facilitating the development and delivery of recreational and social programs
  • Connecting the community with information and opportunities
  • Engaging with the community to support healthy commerce
  • Stewarding the land and facilities under the society’s care and making them optimally accessible to the community
  • Coordinating and communicating urban planning issues for the future development of Bridgeland-Riverside, preserving its values, while supporting its evolution.

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December 2018 - Bridges Newsletter

The December 2018 edition of the BRCA Bridges newsletter is out!

BRCA Bridges Newsletter - December 2018

In our December 2018 issue, the image credit for the front cover art was missed (in an inadvertent cropping mishap) so we did not appropriately credit the fabulous folks at We offer our sincere apologies. The credit should have read: "Includes elements designed by"

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Christmas Carolling in Bridgeland-Riverside

Join in with friends and neighbours for a holly jolly, most wonderful time of the year!

See you at the Village Piazza on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

Fa la la la la, la la la la... 

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November 2018 - Bridges Newsletter

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Statement on the Proposed General Plaza Cannabis Shop

Beginning with the radio broadcast of an interview on CBC’s The Homestretch program on Thursday, October 18, 2018, BRCA has become aware of various public statements that misrepresent or that fail to place in context certain current events affecting the broader topic of public approvals for cannabis shops in the Bridgeland-Riverside community.

The purpose of this document is to present, in an FAQ style, the information presently in BRCA’s possession that it feels is relevant to this topic.

This document also invites feedback—see the final section below. Since last Thursday, the interesting topic of cannabis legalization generally—which has now become linked to media coverage about Bridgeland-Riverside specifically—has led to BRCA receiving an influx of emails and social media comments. We hope that people who are interested will help us understand more than we can right now how to make sense of the communications now flying around.

The BRCA has issued the following Statement.

BRCA FAQ Statement - October 22, 2018

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Who does the BRCA represent?

This article will appear in the November 2018 issue of Bridges, the official newsletter of the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (BRCA). It was authored by Brian Beck, BRCA President, and Ali McMillan, BRCA Planning Director. 

Who does the BRCA represent?

This question sometimes gets asked of us, or sometimes a related point is made during consideration of a planning matter if somebody chooses to say: “BRCA does not speak for me.” Perhaps especially nowadays, though, when our community of Bridgeland-Riverside has so many generational changes happening all at the same time, it’s important to be especially thoughtful and considerate when talking with one another about what the role of a community association is where community planning matters are concerned. If we start with the question that is posed as a title to this article, then such a conversation can perhaps at least begin in a pretty straightforward way. That’s because the answer to the question—“Who does BRCA represent?”—is always hiding in plain sight.

The first part of the answer to the question is the easiest part to state.

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