Cancellation Policies

Weather and Game Cancellations  

Parents: check your email at 5:00 pm as all contact will be done through email.  If you do not receive a cancellation email by 5:00 pm, the game is on.

Reasons for cancellations are:

  • Smoke advisory of 7+
  • Safety - wet, slippery conditions or lightening potential
  • Cold - if it is too cold, it is not fun for anyone
  • Field Conditions - the integrity of the fields need to be considered
  • Miscellaneous - other reasons not listed are at the discretion of BRCA

Air Quality Health Index and Outdoor Soccer

As suggested by the Alberta Soccer Association:

  • 3 or less -  practices and games proceed as normal
  • 4 to 6 - adjust exertion intensity, duration and increase resting periods
  • 7 or above - cancel practice or game

For up to date information visit: Calgary Air Quality Health Index

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