Carmon Blacklock, President

Carmon has been volunteering with the BRCA since 2012, first as the Treasurer for 3 years, and then as the community President for the past 2 years.  

Outside his regular duties as Treasurer and President, Carmon also founded the Bridgeland Bros, a group of guys in the neighbourhood who organize fun activities around sporting and cultural events, including the community's ice rink. 

Growing up in rural Alberta, Carmon knows the importance of volunteering, and has been volunteering for many years. He has volunteered as a coach for minor hockey and baseball. He has also served in various capacities on the boards of his hometown agricultural and minor hockey societies that have organized and hosted the World Professional Chuckwagons, 4-H, and various minor hockey leagues. Carmon has also been a volunteer firefighter and First Responder. Carmon is a huge supporter of volunteering and hopes to encourage others to become more active in their neighbourhood. 

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