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Welcome to the BRCA Rooftop Garden community homepage! 

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 season! Please see the below section, "How Can I Become a Member" for more information on the application process. Please also take note of our new email address

Our mission statement

Bringing neighbours together to build our community by increasing and enhancing community gardening for everyone in Bridgeland Riverside.

About our garden

The rooftop garden, located on the top of the BRCA Community Hall, began in the spring of 2014.  The garden includes a communal garden and 15 (+/-) individual plots that can be rented for a season. Our community garden is about bringing the community together, getting to know your neighbours and providing a beautiful space in our community for everyone to enjoy. As a BRCA Rooftop Gardener, you're an important part of helping grow our vibrant community.

Our gardening season

The rooftop garden begins with a communal spring clean-up in May (mandatory attendance - family members and/or friends can attend in your place) and ends with a fall clean-up and harvest in October.  Depending on the weather, the start and end of the season may shift. The BRCA Rooftop Garden Coordinator communicates via email with gardeners regarding dates for clean-ups, events, maintenance issues and garden news.

How can I become a member?

In order to join the BRCA Rooftop Garden, you must be a resident of Bridgeland Riverside and you must be a member of the BRCA (Bridgeland Riverside Community Association). To become a new BRCA member, please click here.

Applications for the 2020 growing season are now open to all BRCA Residents! If you are interested, please fill out the below linked form and email a scanned copy to

BRCA Rooftop Garden Application Form

How much does it cost?

  • Large individual plots:  $40.00/season
  • Small individual plots:  $30.00/season
  • Communal garden:      $25.00/season


After spring clean-up, gardeners will be assigned their plot number, asked to sign the BRCA Rooftop Garden Contract and provide payment. The contract will be provided at the spring clean-up.

Garden rules

#1 Participate

The BRCA Rooftop Garden expects dedication, enthusiasm and participation from its members. The rooftop garden requires members to attend spring/fall clean-up, respond to emails and participate in garden club activities. The spring clean-up (usually end of May) is mandatory.  If you are unable to attend, you need to send someone else in your place.  

  • Communal Gardeners: The communal garden is cared for and maintained by communal gardeners.  Planting, weeding, watering and harvesting of the garden are shared responsibilities. A schedule for weeding and watering will be posted and emailed to the communal gardeners. At the time of registration, gardeners can indicate their availability on the calendar.

  • Individual Gardener: The gardener is responsible for planting, weeding, watering, maintaining and harvesting of their garden.

#2 Gardening is hard work!

Seasoned gardeners will tell you that gardening is rewarding, but it is a lot of work!  Your garden requires:

  • constant care and attention
  • constant weeding and regular watering
  • constant pruning and harvesting

#3 Be considerate

As an individual or communal gardener, please be considerate of the following:

  • please take care of your garden, your plants will thank you
  • weeding and watering are your responsibility
  • do not allow your garden to get overgrown
  • do not harvest from other gardens unless you have that gardener's permission
  • please communicate with the Rooftop Garden Coordinator if you cannot care for your garden due to unforeseen circumstances

#4 Eligibility for next season

The BRCA Rooftop Garden Committee will monitor the care and maintenance of all garden plots. If it is found that you did:

  • NOT plant at season start
  • NOT care for your garden (e.g. overgrown)
  • NOT harvest
  • NOT clean your plot at season end or after a storm

you will be ineligible for a garden in next year's growing season.

BRCA Rooftop Garden Events

Each season, the BRCA Rooftop Garden will host events for garden members and the community. These events are decided by the BRCA Rooftop Garden Committee and communicated through email, advertisements, Facebook and the BRCA website, etc. Events range from music evenings, coffee mornings and garden related workshops or sessions. The committee encourages all garden members to attend and communicate events to family, friends and neighbours.

The BRCA Rooftop Garden Committee

The garden committee is comprised of gardeners who help organize, monitor and care for the garden. Committee members are key to keeping the garden available for everyone to use. Members meet every so often to discuss garden issues, apply for grants, plan for the new season and organize community garden events. If you're enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate, we want you!

Please email  if you're interested in becoming a committee member.

Other things to note

  • Children and dogs are welcome, as long as they are under control and in the care of their parents/guardians
  • The rooftop garden offers shared tools, watering cans and gardening gloves, if available. Gardeners should plan to bring their own small hand tools and gardening gloves  
  • Providing seeds/plants for individual garden plots are the responsibility of individual gardeners
  • The communal garden will be provided with some shared seeds, perennials and annuals, based on the availability of funds for the season. However, bringing seeds and plants are highly recommended
  • Family members and friends are welcome to garden with you or in your place
  • For any gardeners who do not show up to register on spring clean-up day, plots will be given to those on the waiting list

BRCA Rooftop Garden Swag

Coming soon!


If you have questions or would like to join the BRCA Rooftop Garden Committee, please email

Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association

917 Centre Ave. N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 0C6
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