Mary-Grace Linton, Events

Mary Grace and her family moved in to the Riverside area 3 years ago. She got involved with the community association in the winter months of 2015, when she first saw the call out to help with CulturaFest in its first year. She took on the Vendor Coordinator role, as she has had experience, and has stayed with the festival since. Please contact her if you want to get involved with the festival!

She was invited to join the BRCA Board back in 2016 as the Events Director, and would like to keep community events going full force in Bridgeland.

Mary Grace started in the Print and Graphic industry for over 11 years worked at a handful of businesses in Calgary. She became an accomplished graphic designer and key member of senior staff, with extensive knowledge of cutting edge resources and tools in the graphic design industry at the time. Also known as a critical and creative thinker, she brings common sense, organizational skills and logical decision-making to sensitive, time-critical projects.

She has now turned her professional life over to her family ,taking care of her stepchildren and volunteering for a number of organizations. She wears a number of hats from Artist to Spirit Medium to LEGO Master Builder, and without a doubt enjoys them all in her free time.

Mary Grace has sat on a few different Board of Directors and Committees over the years, in a number of roles and positions. Recently she stepped down from 12 years at Calgary First Spiritualist Church (CFSC), where her last role was President of the Board of Directors. Here she is most proud of the overhaul of its website which was a 5-year project: it has an extensive back end data management system, and she is still the main administrator for the site. Also at CFSC she created a number of Governance documents, planned social and fundraising events and, lent her singing voice and knowledge to the audiovisuals at services.

She keeps expanding her knowledge of non-profit organizations by taking webinars and has a number of ideas for improvements but seems there is not enough time for her projects. Event planning and coordinating always finds her of course using her project management skills alongside with her outgoing personality and social butterfly that she is known for. Mary Grace has organized so many events, from weddings to fundraisers, that it would take all day to run through them all. You may have seen her DJ’ing the Jelly Bean Dances up in Renfrew or putting up posters for the next community event! 

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