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Created with the intention of making Calgary more walkable, Near Here combines
exploration and human interaction, resulting in organic wayfinding to help pedestrians
discover what's ‘near here’ in the neighbourhood. The board's aim is to encourage
active transportation, leverage community knowledge, and activate a space within the

The Near Here board is a physical, analog chalkboard (around 6.5ft high and 4ft wide)
that will be mounted into the sidewalk. People will be invited to engage and interact
with the board in order to create a living wayfinding system for a neighbourhood.

The Near Here project began at the City of Calgary’s 2018 Pedestrian Hackathon. The
project won the “Play” category at the Hackathon and went on to receive a grant from
the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund to bring the concept to life. With the support of the City
of Calgary and four of Calgary’s communities, the Near Here pilot project is taking place
between May and August 2019. The team is comprised of three current and former
MRU Information Design students and a transportation engineer, working to bring the
pilot project to the streets (or more accurately, the sidewalks) of Calgary!

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