New Village Piazza in Bridgeland!

Hands up if you've enjoyed our new Village Piazza on General Avenue this summer?!

This project was created by the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association and made possible through The City of Calgary reinvesting parking revenue into our community. It is maintained through the efforts of AMAZING volunteers LIKE YOU *!

We encourage you to:
• Enjoy the space, gather, and socialize with friends and neighbours
• Be a steward and help keep it clean and tidy
• Please put chairs neatly back in place, clean up cigarettes and litter, and keep umbrellas down when not in use
• Let us know if something is broken or needs repair.

*If you'd like to help grow the beauty of this and other spaces in our community, (you're awesome!) get involved by emailing our Planning Director at [email protected]



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Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association

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