Thanks for painting our community

Despite nasty weather warnings, we pulled it off. It took a huge team of volunteers to make this happen.

A HUGE thank you to all these amazing neighbours and friends for helping make our community more beautiful

  • Mitzi who made magic happen with her amazing people skills
  • Craig & Linda whom we love 'cause they moved everything with their pickup truck
  • Kyle who moved chairs and dedicatedly came back to help offload
  • Tannis who engineered the cake cutting and chatted in Spanish
  • Luc, Lucia & Alan who diligently painted picnic tables with expertise
  • Rui & daughter who energetically moved chairs
  • Jodi & Farmers Market who let us use their tents
  • Kari & Sue who creatively painted faces
  • Twyla who magically brought us all together via the Mobile Market
  • Mobile Market people who added such a positive, interesting and colourful element to this event
  • Ali & Katie (artist) who gathered feedback re: wayfinding maps, colours and "furbaniture"
  • Jayce, storyteller from the Federation of Calgary Communities, who interviewed us and took photos
  • Ainsley & colleague from City of Calgary who led children’s activities
  • Pam McHugh from The City of Calgary who always so strongly supports us behind the scenes before, during and after these events
  • Amber & colleagues at North Hill Coop Bakery for the delicious, gorgeously decorated chocolate-vanilla cake
  • TD Parks People for funding this event
  • Janel the artist who created "Connecting Back to the Bow" (images along baseball diamond fence) and orchestrated the picnic table painting
  • Pam at BRCA Hall who supported behind the scenes and let us use their “stuff” (tables, chairs, tents etc)
  • Ana, BRCA Communications for our professional poster
  • Deb, BRCA Heritage whose multi-tasking glued the event together from start to finish
  • Susan, BRCA Secretary for leading this fabulous Beautification Committee initiative

- and apologies if we forgot someone. Bridgeland Love to all of you! 


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