Parent Responsibilities

Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

As a parent/guardian of a soccer registrant,

  1. I am expected to volunteer for the BRCA in any program for a minimum of 4 hours unless I pay the Volunteer Fee to opt out.

  2. I may still be asked to help with Team Related tasks that are not part of the "4 hour minimum". This does not include jobs like coaching, managing, uniform handing out, equipment volunteers, photo night or community related jobs, but may include team things like snack rotation, setting up nets, helping coaches as required etc.

  3. A list of soccer volunteer opportunities will be available online once the season begins, and I will also be contact by the volunteer coordinator with non-soccer related volunteer opportunities. It is my responsibility to ensure that I meet my volunteer obligation. 

**Please note, opt out fees will be determined PRIOR TO REGISTRATION on February 1 of the 2020.  The policy remains in effect.

For more information about volunteer opportunities in BRCA please contact the volunteer coordinator at


Volunteer Policy and Information

The overall success of any BRCA event or Program depends upon our volunteers. When registering in Children’s Outdoor Soccer, all families will be expected to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per family in support of any BRCA Program or event. 

There are many volunteer positions and your contribution can be directly related to your child’s soccer team, the soccer program or other BRCA events throughout the year. You will be contacted by the BRCA Volunteer Coordinator or Soccer Coordinator with opportunities to volunteer for soccer duties or for a non-sports related event.

For anyone who may be unwilling or unable to volunteer for the required 4 hours, there is the opportunity to choose to pay a $75.00 OPT OUT fee in order to opt out of the volunteer requirement. (There will be an OPT OUT option available during the registration process, and the fee will be added to your total cost at checkout.)


Volunteering Roles: Soccer Program or Community-Based Volunteer

We have roles specific to the Soccer program (Apr to June) or the general Community (throughout 2020). You are welcome to select multiple roles, perhaps one role in Soccer and one role in the Community, the choice is up to you.

Sample Soccer Roles

  • Coach
  • Coach, Assistant
  • Team Manager
  • Equipment Crew
  • Field Crew
  • Photography Support
  • Uniform Distribution
  • Wind Up Party Team

Sample Community Roles

  • Community Clean Up
  • Pub Night
  • General Plaza
  • Farmers Market
  • Transportation Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Skating Rink

Volunteering in your community is a fun way to meet other people, give back and help build a strong community.

Need help picking a volunteer role  – or have questions in general?

Please email Bonnie at

Thanks everyone! Weather depending, practice starts April 20, 2020. Last games June 18, 2020. Wind up party TBA.  We look forward to seeing you next spring!

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