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Role Descriptions

Coach/Assistant CoachProvide technical and practical skills to the children on the team. This is a hands on role as you will be required to set up drills and actively participate on the field. You are not only in charge, you are also a role model. If participating in the league, the coaches will be required to provide a format for the games, set up lines/positions, and actively coach the children during the game.
Technical training will be provided in April (Date TBC).

U4/U6 - Mondays or Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm. We want to encourage game play. Set aside time to have a mini-game at the end of each practice. Organize games among your own team, and against your 'sister' teams each week. 

U8/U10/U13 - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. Tuesdays are practice nights and Thursdays are game nights. Tuesdays can be used to reschedule rain-outs or to set up exhibition games. Kids and coaches at this level tend to have a better understanding of structure and game play. Encourage continued cooperation and collaboration between teams. At practices, share the fields, trade off drills, and set up  exhibition games, etc. Be prepared to organize car-pooling and riding sharing between parties. 

Team Manager - Assist the coach and help to organize the teams as a whole. This requires the manager to be the liaison between the coaches, parent's and others.

  • Communicate with parents, coaches, association, etc. regarding any soccer related events. 
  • Communicate with other team coaches/manager on behalf of the coach.
  • You will get a login for the Team Site where you can email parents with updates and important notes. 
  • On the field, help the coach by communicating with parents and children. You may also need to 'control' the flow of the practice and games, recruit parents to help out, handle any issues that may arise.

Coach Training Assistant - help us set up for and monitor our coach/assistant coach training day!  

Field Marking - Have fun drawing the field lines! We need someone to re-draw the field lines every other week through May and June to make sure our fields are crisply outlined! Don't fear - the original lines will be done professionally, so you just need to have good tracing skills to be successful in this role. 

Inventory Count / Equipment Sorting - In preparation for the start of the season we need help with sorting through equipment from last year, determining what equipment needs to be ordered, and preparing equipment packs for the upcoming season. Help us get organized!

Equipment AssistantU4 and U6 teams share equipment that is stored in the BRCA shed. As an equipment assistant you'll be responsible for opening the shed before each practice starts, handing out the required equipment to each team, collecting equipment afterwards and locking up. 

Uniform Sorting Coordinator - Work with soccer coordinator to develop a plan for uniform sorting and coordinate the uniform sorting helpers on the sorting day to ensure that all teams have the gear they need for their members. 

Uniform Sorting Helper - In the coming months we'll have over 300 jersey's delivered to our door! We need help sorting through the piles, organizing the jersey's, and assigning them to teams. If you have experience folding kids clothes (I know you all do!), this role is for you. 

Uniform DistributionOnce the jerseys are sorted and ready to go, kids will be arriving in hoards to pick up their new gear! We need help organizing and handing out the jerseys so that we have a smooth and chaos free distribution day.

Wrap Up Party Helpers - June 2020. The Wrap Up Party is such a great way to end the season and thank all of our players and families for an amazing year. We need help with various roles throughout the day, including set up, BBQ masters, activity supervisors, and clean up. Sign up today and stay tuned for more details in the future! 

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